Tuesday, August 15, 2017

World of Tile vintage tiles — salvaged and available for sale

Oh, World of Tile, I still miss you so. But yowza, you can still get some: Last week I spotted a hard-working entrepreneur who bought an impressive stash of vintage tile the World of Tile liquidation sale, then organized and loaded them up online for sale. Many of these lots come in sufficient square footage to complete a project. And, I think the prices are very fair. 

This eBay seller also has an online shop, VintageTileShop.com. Here’s some vintage tile from her shop installed. Yum.

I spotted the seller, tito804 on eBay (affiliate link). In our email exchange, she told me that she had “a very interesting five days trying to haul and save as much as I could from World of Tile.”

One of my mementos — found hidden in a stack of paperwork. Story here

Golly, didn’t we all: Scouring that sale was one — actually four days’ worth — of the most memorable and awesome-in-the-true-sense-of-the-word adventures I’ve ever had.

Dig this mod pink and gray wall tile — 187 s.f. currently available.

This seller also has other tiles to sell. They were taken “a huge amount of dead stock tile from the 40s-70s that I had painstakingly organized to sell,” she said. These include the pink and gray beauties above and the yellow and white beauties below. I have resisted using this common metaphor to date, but now I must: Tile porn!

Dimensional wall tile — 209 s.f. currently available.

Note, dear readers, remember to be aware: Vintage materials can contain hazards — such as lead in vintage (and possibly, new) ceramics — so be sure to assess what you are dealing with; consult with your own professionals. For more info see my Be Safe/Renovate Safe page.

Where to shop for this vintage tile:

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